Inspection & Traceability


Lab Testing Equipment:

Microbiological Testing Equipment: Incubators, colony counters, and microbial identification systems for assessing microbial contamination and spoilage.

Chemical Analysis Instruments: Spectrophotometers, chromatography systems, and pH meters for analyzing chemical composition, additives, and contaminants.

Physical Testing Instruments: Texture analyzers, moisture analyzers, and rheometers for evaluating product texture, moisture content, and physical properties.

Packaging Testing Equipment: Leak testers, seal strength testers, and gas analyzers for assessing packaging integrity, barrier properties, and shelf-life stability.

At VPACK EXPERT, we’re committed to providing comprehensive solutions to meet all your packaging and testing needs in the food industry. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


At VPACK EXPERT, we understand the importance of traceability in the food industry for ensuring product safety, quality, and compliance with regulatory standards. That’s why we offer a range of traceability solutions designed to help you track and monitor your products throughout the supply chain. Explore our offerings below:

1. Coding Solutions:

Inline Coding: High-speed coding systems integrated directly into your production line for real-time printing of batch numbers, expiration dates, and other vital information onto packaging.
Offline Coding: Standalone coding equipment for printing labels or directly onto packaging away from the production line, providing flexibility and convenience for small-scale or specialized production runs.

2. Labeling Solutions:

Inline Labeling: Automated labeling systems seamlessly integrated into your production line for precise and efficient application of labels containing product information, barcodes, and other essential data.
Offline Labeling: Labeling machines designed to apply labels manually or semi-automatically, offering flexibility for smaller batches or custom packaging requirements.

3. Metal Detector:

Advanced metal detection systems to safeguard your products against contamination from metal fragments. Our metal detectors are highly sensitive and can detect even small metal particles, ensuring product safety and compliance with industry standards.

4. X-Ray Machines:

State-of-the-art X-ray inspection systems capable of detecting foreign objects, such as metal, glass, plastic, and bone, within packaged food products. X-ray technology offers superior detection capabilities while minimizing false rejects, ensuring product integrity and consumer safety.

Benefits of Traceability Solutions:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements for product labeling, traceability, and food safety standards.
  • Enhanced consumer confidence through transparent and accurate product information.
  • Improved quality control by identifying and addressing issues in the production process.
  • Rapid response to recalls or quality issues, minimizing the impact on consumers and brand reputation.
  • Supply chain optimization through better inventory management and tracking of raw materials and finished products.

At VPACK EXPERT, we’re committed to helping you implement robust traceability solutions to protect your brand and ensure the safety and integrity of your food products. Contact us today to learn more about our traceability solutions and how we can support your business needs.